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We’ll get your business EASY to find on Google, and producing REAL results.


Web Design & SEO in Murrieta, CA



Beautiful, modern, great websites, designed from the very beginning with truly great SEO built in.

Websites that produce real  results for your business, instead of an expensive online business card, that you’re not sure is working for you.



From a basic logo design, to a full branding consultation, and production quality branding packages, we produce world-class graphics for your business.

Time for a new look? Rebranding? Going into new areas of business? Updating graphics to a modern alternative?

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Business card designs, flyers, signs, billboards, posters, vinyl decals, new opening hours for your store door?

Graphics for social media? Banners, profile images, posts, special offers, we’ll make your branding look professional all the way.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

For your business website to be found online and generate business, it MUST be found on the first page of Google when your perfect customer searches for your product or service.

SEO makes your website connect with Google (and other search engines) in the best way possible. Great SEO makes your business website rank high in Google search, and much easier to find.

The difference between page one of Google and page two, can mean success or failure for any business.

SEO is the difference between people searching for your business… …or finding it easily.  

Every business with an online presence needs SEO, and many small businesses struggle to succeed without it.

We’re market-leading experts in SEO, and guarantee to get your site ranking highly on Google Maps, and Google Local Search. We’ll help your company to be easily found in search engines, and generate much more business online.


All websites are NOT built equally.

When most web designers design a website, that’s exactly what they do.

If you’re happy with the website design, the information is correct and it ‘looks professional’, their job is done.

There’s only one HUGE problem.. 

…unless you search on Google using your company name, your website can’t be found.

A business website designed this way, is unlikely to bring you any new business (other than from people you already know).


Only, your future customers DO NOT search Google for your company by name! 

They search for services, like ‘web designer near me’.

Think for a moment… wasn’t that how you found this website?

The truth is, most web designers either don’t, won’t, or can’t deliver SEO.

Shared Graphics builds fast, modern websites with complete SEO built in.

Our websites are fully optimized, and connected to Google from day one.

Whether you need a brand new site design, or already have a WordPress website that needs SEO, we will get you found on Google.

A website without SEO is like a beautiful, professional-looking, high-end, glossy business card… …thrown into a desk drawer and never handed out to anyone.

A website with great SEO is like handing out business cards and having a conversation with ALL future customers… right at the EXACT moment they’re looking to buy.



Let's talk about how we take YOUR business website to the next level!



Your logo is your first impression, the very first moment you get in your future customer’s mind.

It is the very first thing people think about your company, and first impressions last.

A truly great business logo does ONE SIMPLE THING only…

…your logo must tell anyone looking at it exactly what your company does, without saying a word.

Can you see what our logo represents?


Marketing is all about communication. 

Our logo represents people or information passing each other, and the spark of an idea, news, or excitement passing between them.

A great logo is never just a picture, a shape, or a monogram of the company letters.

Your logo is the first line of communication for your brand.

True professional branding, makes a statement about who you are in the viewer’s mind.



Over-complicated logos confuse the message, and the person viewing it. Is your brand strong, reliable, delicate, artistic, feminine, happy, gentle, or enviromentally friendly? A logo tells your customer this in the simplest way possible.


Whether your logo is going to be on a billboard, or a coffee mug, it must be clean, easy to see, and understand. Don’t make people work to see what it means. It must be clean, functional and easy to observe.


Your company logo must be instantly recognizable. Without words or explanation, your customers will recognize your logo. No matter what size, or where that logo is seen, it’s yours, and can’t be mistaken as anything else.

Let’s get to work on YOUR new logo design!

Logo Design Examples

Of the hundreds of logo designs we’ve put together over the years… …here are just a few examples of our recent work.


Let’s get to work on YOUR new logo design!



One of the most important things in digital marketing, is branding.

Everything from social media profile graphics, social media posts, your Google Maps banner, advertising media, display ads, email newsletters, or even an event flyer.

You’re branding MUST show up looking the same, everywhere.

Graphics are never a one-size fits all situation.

Each graphic should be produced for each use.

Ever seen a company where their logo has the corners cut out on Facebook or Instagram?

What about the logo with the white background, that was simply copied and pasted onto another image?

Today’s online buyer has a very short attention span. We consume media at a very rapid rate. Our eyes are looking at screens more than ever before.

People easily spot the difference between professional branding, and DIY.

This isn’t just true for digital marketing.

Your branding must be the same, and be professionally produced at all levels.

Whether it’s a t-shirt, cup, event flyer, business card, stationary, pen, discount coupon, decals for windows, opening hours on the door of your store, everything must show that level of professional detail.

Good branding ensures your customer recognizes your brand instantly, whether it’s the first time they’ve seen you, or they’re regular loyal fans!