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A unique logo from a professional logo designer, is the first step towards really standing out in today’s crowded market.

Additionally, your logo design is so much more than just a symbol. As long as you’re in business, your company logo is your first impression.

Well-designed business logos help you establish that initial trust and professionalism with your customers.  Basically, your logo communicates the message and feeling of your brand, at first glance. 

A truly great logo design should be timeless, as an illustration of the core values of your business. All without saying a word.

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Logo Designer With a Difference

A professional logo designer may put together a logo that looks pretty simple. In fact, that can be the sign of a really GREAT logo!

Great logo designs are simple, iconic, but effective.

A really great company logo is not just a small picture, shape, or monogram of the company initials.

Above all, your logo is the very first line of communication between your brand, and your future customer.

We know here at Shared Graphics, first impressions count.

Given these points, a great logo designer must first understand what your company wants to say to the world.

Firstly, what type of energy and feeling do you want the viewer to feel?

Will your logo get people excited?

Is it fast, or maybe more romantic? Could it also be cute, elegent, hard, good, edgy, or maybe even just a little silly?


How do You Want Your Logo Design to Feel?

What do you want your customer to believe about your business?

Additionally, how will they feel about your company when they see your logo? Is this a serious brand?

On the other hand, maybe you want to make your customers feel good!

Maybe you want them to feel confidence in you. Or is your brand more about relaxing, like reading a good book by the fire?

Ever seen a great logo and felt you just knew exactly what the company was about?

That’s the difference between a logo designer that puts something together that your company can use…

…and a great logo designer, that produces a logo that your brand identity can be built on, forever.

The best logo designs are timeless, and speak for your brand, long before you ever could.

Does your construction company want to scream dependability, trustworthiness, or your 25 years experience?

Your logo must say it all without words.

If it has to be explained, then something’s wrong.

A great logo designer tells the world what you do, without saying a word.

A great logo speaks for itself. When the company name is added, it expands the communication even further. Both work together as a part of your brand’s communication strategy.

Above all, your logo should bring your dream alive, and share it with the world.

A great company logo expresses the energy and intent behind your brand. Whether it’s action, fun, agressive, meaningful, calm, or or just plain AWESOME…

…in just a moment, the viewer decides if they can relate to your company, and what your brand is about.

I’ve designed many logos since I was just a kid at school playing with letters and a notepad.

Back then, as other kids drew graffiti art, portraits, and regular artwork, I was drawing my favorite logos and band names all over my school bag with markers. I loved the way the lettering and artwork came together. It was all so deliberate, and intentional.

That was over 30 years ago. During that time my fascination with logos and brands, has only gotten stronger. And the more I learn, the more excited I get to design new logos today!

Let’s take YOUR vision, and turn it into a truly great logo design for your business!