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Web Design Issues Business Owners Experience

“I hired a web designer to build my business website. It cost a lot of money, but never brought us any business.”


What about, “Websites just don’t work in my business.”


You’re Not Alone!

As a web designer and digital marketing agency owner, I hear versions of the above stories, every day.

The business owners I speak to believe it. And, I believe them too!

Websites they had designed for their business, didn’t work.

But, it’s never because a website won’t work for your business.

92% of people in America today use their cellphone to access the internet.

Either your business only works out for a few people NOT using the internet… or your website just wasn’t built the right way, to attract them.

Can you think of any industries where the leading companies don’t have websites?

Have you ever found one?

Where would you look for them?

If right now, you just thought of looking for them by searching online, you understand the things being said about websites not working, are just not true.

Let's talk about how we take YOUR business website to the next level!

Why Your Business Web Design REALLY Didn’t Work

In 25 years as a web designer and digital marketer (the killer combination) I’ve never found an industry where a well-built website didn’t work.

We’ve built websites for many businesses in different industries and countries all over the world.

They ALL work! And, by ‘work’…

I mean, our websites attract traffic. At the same time, they bring in leads, sales, and contracts.

Ultimately, they work because they produce revenue for the businesses they’re built for.

So why do so many websites fail to produce business? The answer is VERY simple.

It’s not about what the website looks like, it’s about how it’s built.

Web designers are paid to design websites. After that website has been designed, their work is done.

The designer gets paid, and everyone’s happy.

In this situation, it isn’t long before the business owner is unhappy, because the website doesn’t generate business for them.

The reason those websites don’t work is web designers don’t build sites with SEO (search engine optimization) built in.

Most web designers don’t design sites with SEO built-in. Furthermore, most web designer designers that DO offer SEO, are pretty bad at it.

Basically, most web designers see SEO as an add-on service. Something that someone else does later. Or, they see it as ‘extra work’ they don’t do during the build.

But without SEO a website can’t be found on Google when someone searches for it.

Web Design without SEO, is as much use as a luxury supercar without an engine…

…it LOOKS impressive, but good luck getting to work in it!

Web Designers All Sound the Same

“Modern website design is about creating websites that are up-to-date, visually appealing, mobile ready, secure, and user-friendly.”

– Every Web Designer, Ever

Sounds good, right? Of course! A website really MUST look good, work on a smart phone, and be easy to use.

This should sound familiar to you. It’s is the same thing written on every web designer’s website, ever.

Without doubt, I’d guess if you’re looking for a web designer right now, you’ve alreeady read statements like this many times.

The quote about web design above, is so average, it wasn’t even written by a human!

That quote was generated by Chat GPT.

It sounds good, because it seems like everything you really need in a website. But, it’s not.


It’s Not The Web Designer’s Fault

The web designer isn’t doing a bad job.

They’re doing the job they were trained to do, are experts in, and everything they’re supposed to do.

Most business owners think they need a web designer, because web designers build websites.

All things considered, the above sounds logical, right? OF COURSE IT IS!

When you ask a web designer to design a website for your business, that’s exactly what they do.

But, most business owners just like you and I, all want the same thing.

We all want a website that generates business.

Web Design is Only Step One

Ask your web designer why the website they built doesn’t work…

…they’ll tell you it works perfectly. And, they’re 100% correct.

But, ask that web designer why your website doesn’t generate business. Then, ask them or why you can’t found it on Google.

Then, they’ll tell you to hire a digital marketing agency.

This is because web design is only step one in what it takes to make your website rank on Google.

Web designers usually hire digital marketers to help their website show up on Google, too.

How To Compete on Google

Unless you’re a rare businesses without any competition, your website competes with everyone else’s.

A basic website design can’t be found in all that noise.

Those websites get lost in an ocean of competition.

A basic website design alone, is like a box of business cards sitting in your office drawer.

On one hand, it’s possible your future customer will walk into your office, and find those cards themselves.

On the other hand, that’s highly unlikely.

That’s exactly where digital marketing agencies like Shared Graphics come in.


You Don’t Need a Web Designer, You Need SEO & Digital Marketing

Any web designer can build a website for your business. But, most web designers don’t understand SEO, or build it into their websites.

A point often overlooked, is Web designers are NOT paid to produce results for your business. After your website has been designed (and looks okay), their job is done.

That’s exactly why you don’t just need a web designer. You need a web design team with digital marketing experience. A team that’s performance based, focused on bringing business your way.

Shared Graphics is the best combination for your business. We’re not just web designers, we’re a complete solution digital marketing team.

Here at Shared Graphics we design amazing websites with SEO built-in. In addition, we provide ongoing SEO and digital marketing services for all the websites we design. We do so, because we know how important it is to maintin your SEO.

SEO is a constant job, to keep your website ranking on Google, and easily found when people are looking to buy.

Shared Graphics provide ongoing SEO services to keep your website right where it needs to be. As long as your website is with us, your business is always found easily on Google.

Let’s talk about how we take YOUR business website to the next level!

My Greatest Failure in Web Design

If I’d never learned this MASSIVE expensive lesson, I’d have NEVER become the expert I am today.


When I first started out in digital marketing, I was just a web designer. I designed my first website in 1998. That website worked particularly well. It looked great, worked well, and generated business for me.

For the most part, every website I designed ever, made money for me.

In similar fashion, the most successful website I designed was able to take $36.00 in spare change, and turn it into a $300,000.00 per year business in just 20 months. All during the great recession!

All my web design projects worked amazingly, until suddenly… …they just didn’t anymore.

I spent 6 months building my biggest website project so far. The website looked awesome, and the site felt like it was my best work yet. I was proud of my work, and couldn’t wait to launch the site.

Despite my best efforts, when the website launched, it failed miserably.

The website I designed didn’t generate any business. It couldn’t be found on Google, unless you searched using the name of the website itself.

That website got no traffic, and made ZERO money.

After 10 years of successful web design, I had now produced a lemon, and I didn’t know why…

THAT, was a BIG problem.

The Solution to my Web Design Problems

I’d never heard of SEO before, and really hadn’t needed it.

Every website I designed up until then, wasn’t in an especially competitive industry.

Conversely, within that 15 years (from 1998 to 2013) the internet had grown in the USA more than ever before.

At this point I had to learn to compete. Otherwise every website and business I ever built, would fail.

I’d never heard of SEO before, and really hadn’t needed it.

Every website I designed up until then, wasn’t in an especially competitive industry.

Conversely, within that 15 years (from 1998 to 2013) the internet had grown in the USA more than ever before.

I had to learn to compete, or every website and business I ever built, would fail.

At this instant I had to learn a brand new set of skills, and become a digital marketer.

As a business guy, I LOVE marketing.

It’s important to realize great marketing, and great SEO, is the difference between any website’s failure and success.

When I learned about SEO, I’d discovered the best kept secret of the internet…

….and the solution to ALL my problems.

“Once I became truly skilled in SEO, every business website I ever built has been a massive success, and delivered the results needed.

SEO was the answer I’d been looking for.”

– Rick A. J. Lowe

Owner, Shared Graphics
Web Designer & Digital Marketing Expert

For ANY website to be found easily on Google and make money, truly great SEO is the answer.

Let’s talk about how we take YOUR business website to the next level!

The Shared Graphics Web Design Difference

Here at Shared Graphics, we refuse to design a website that won’t produce results for your business.

If it’s just a web designer you need, we don’t provide that service alone.

We know, that without the digital marketing services we provide, you’d be flipping a coin on a business website. And, that just won’t work out.

Of course, you’ll save money on web design without SEO.

On the other hand, for every penny you saved, each dollar spent was at a cost to your business with no guarantee of results.

  • Would you buy cheap equipment and tools for your business, so your employees can’t do a good job, or provide the best service possible? 
  • You wouldn’t buy a truck, or a vehicle, with no guarantee it will run.
  • Or would you recommend to your customers, to only do half a job, and not really fix their problem?

Of course you wouldn’t!

That’s EXACTLY why we don’t do that here, either.

When Shared Graphics designs a website, you’re not throwing money away, or flipping a coin on your business.  Above all, you’re investing in your future success, with digital marketing that works!

Due to our performance-based month-to-month agreement (no annual contracts), we respect the fact that if your digital marketing fails with us… …you can go somewhere else at any time.

We value your trust, and want your business to win, so that we can, too!


Included with EVERY Web Design Package

Mobile Ready Web Design

92% of Americans use their smartphones to access the internet today.

Therefore, your website must be 100% smartphone ready, with responsive design for all devices.

Fast & Secure Web Design

Your site must load fast, especially on smartphones and mobile devices.

Google ranks secure sites significantly higher, & people don’t trust insecure sites.

Web Design Connected to Google Search

Google handles 93% of internet search today, worldwide.

Subsequently, if your site isn’t connected to Google correctly, it will not rank, or be found when customers search for you.

Business First Web Design

Shared Graphics designs websites where your business goals come first.

Whatever your business needs to generate, we’ll build your site to meet your goals.

Web Design with SEO Built-in

If your website isn’t built with SEO, your site will get lost in the sea of competition on Google.

Our websites have built-in SEO, so your business is easy to find.

Performance Based Web Design

If your business website doesn’t produce results, it’s useless to you.

We work on improving your business website performance, to produce the best results.

Results Based Web Design

Our websites are designed to produce results for your business.

To that end, we focus on delivering leads, prospects, calls, text messages, enquiries, or sales.

Ongoing SEO Services

SEO is not just a set-it and forget it job.

We adjust, updates, and change your website, so it’s easily found on Google, and delivers the results your business needs.

Let's talk about how we take YOUR business website to the next level!